Vendor FAQ

what do I need to know as a vendor with Macabre?

Macabre Market attracts a diverse clientele from all backgrounds, with interests in vinyl, aromatherapy, tattoos, tarot, vintage, beer & more.

--Our customers are a friendly bunch with a keen eye for high quality products & an interest in art & the artists who make it!

  • What we look for

    We look for high quality handmade items, vendors should fall within our market identity, and bring unique products to market guests

    Some things that help your application process:

    • Use high quality photos in your application, if your application photos don't show the value and unique quality of your products, we cant see it either!
    • Avoid all encompassing product offerings; we look for vendors that excel in the intentional products they offer to guests, rather than offering a little bit of everything; our vendors excel within 1-3 categories.

    • Social Media Presence; you dont need to have thousands of followers to vend with us, but we do like to see active social media accounts so we can be sure the word is getting out about you vending at our markets!
  • What do vendors need to bring?

    Market vendors are responsible for bringing all items needed to build their booth including:

    • Tables & chairs
    • Tablecloths and displays
    • Lighting -Battery operated for 6-ft table vendors, provided power is available for 8'x6' vendors
    • Power strips, credit card readers, change etc.
    • Inventory
  • Application Process

    Markets are booked on a quarterly, or bi-annual basis.

    Keep in mind that as an applicant:

    • You will not receive an acceptance/denial email after applying
    • Applications are limited to (1) per vendor & there is no need to reapply
    • We receive a high volume of interested applicants & do our best to keep the application process streamlined for everyone, but spaces are limited and vendors may not be able to book for every market date we schedule.


I applied but havent heard back, now what?

Applications are always being reviewed for future market dates, but keep in mind market spaces are pre-booked, and often spaces are available for several months at any given time.

Rejections are awkward, we don't want to hurt anyone's feelings or get into battles about why or why not we don't feel products are correct for our market; if you are accepted as a new vendor, you will receive a booking email when booking opens next.

What do you mean by handmade?

What we consider handmade:

  • items created from raw materials to finished product by the artist selling them
  • Items fully designed by the artisan selling them
  • Items assembled by hand by the artisan, or family member

Items not considered handmade by us:

  • Gold plated jewelry
  • Mass produced clothing that is not true vintage, designed by the artist, or altered in some way by the artist selling it.
  • Mass produced import products commonly available on alibaba, temu, wish, faire or other such wholesale websites

I'm a food vendor how does that work?

We love to host food vendors!

Decorative type food vendors (such as cake, cookies, desserts, snack etc) should have products that fall into our market's focus through either branding, decoration, or packaging.

We are interested in featuring vendors of a specific nature that our guests look for, if you'd like to vend with us, we wanna see weird, unusual, spooky, creepy, horror, punk, or witchy kind of offerings!

Our brewery location is already home to two food vendors; El Pobre BBQ & Star Sailor, for this reason we cannot host food vendors selling the following items:

  • Burgers
  • Tacos
  • BBQ

Non-decorative types of food vendors are welcome to apply and do not fall under the same guidelines as decorative food vendors.

I'm a tattoo artist, piercer, or other interactive type of artisan, how do I vend at the market?

Use the link below or on our main menu to apply!

Some notes specific to tattoo/interactive artisan type vendors:

  • All interactive artists spaces are (1) per artist, spaces may not be shared so guests can enjoy a clean, comfortable atmosphere
  • Tattoo Artists are asked to create a custom flash sheet for the market that has not been offered to current guests/followers on a regular basis. New exciting offerings are what drives guests to our tattoo experiences, copying prior market flash is not encouraged and will result in no further dates being booked with you.
  • All interactive type artist booths are first come, first served; we do not allow interactive artists to pre-book clients.
  • Lighting, equipment, beds, chairs etc are provided by the artist, we do not provide equipment for interactive artists
  • Interactive artists must adhere to the same rules as other vendors
  • Set-up and ready to go by start of market, no outside alcohol, and booth fees all apply.

How do booth fees work?

Booth fees are paid via emailed invoice, there is no need to pay for multiple booked dates all at once unless desired.

we send invoices 3-4 weeks before the market date you have been booked for, and booth fees are due 7 days after receipt of invoice.


Currently, Macabre does not offer refunds for cancellations.

We are a rain or shine market located indoors; if we cancel a market date, credit will be given for a future date.

How do I know what dates are available?

All approved vendors receive a booking email when booking opens and are able to select which dates interest them, after we gather all submitted booking forms from approved vendors, we will send confirmation of your approved dates.

Market Rules


Our markets begin promptly at 5pm, often times guests arrive before the market begins, so being ready to go no later than 10-15 minutes before market start is required.

Load-in starts at 3pm and ends at 4:45pm

All vendors must load-in via the back shipping entrance, which brings vendors directly to our event space

--No Exceptions--

Vendors have a large lot in which to park with convenient access to the load-in entrance of the market space.

Vendors are not permitted to park in the front for any reason unless personally authorized by the market coordinator.

Can I bring...?

Vendors are always allowed to bring their own snacks, food, and drinks.

Outside Alcohol not purchased from Equal Parts is strictly forbidden and if found to have been brought, you will not be allowed to participate in any of our events

Friends & Family/Market Helpers:

Are always welcome! Any extra people you bring must be able to be accommodated within your booth space.


Well behaved animal friends are always welcome at the market, please keep in mind we do get busy, so if you bring your pet with you, please be sure they are comfortable with noise & crowds. We will not be able to provide a space for pets to stay during the market, they will have to remain within your booth space.

Booth Restrictions

Sizes of booth spaces must be respected, hallways between booths are provided for all spaces, these are to allow you to utilize the full space of your booth for displays.

Please account for seating room if you wish to bring a chair when setting up your booth.

Vendors consistently disrespecting neighbors and guests by setting up over booth boundaries will not be invited to return.

We do not allow illegal substances to be vended at the market.

Location Amenities

Bathrooms for guests & vendors are located directly outside the main event space in the event hallway.

Hallway bathrooms are gender designated, but single stall gender neutral bathrooms are available directly off the tap room.

Please feel free to email us at: if you have any concerns regarding gendered bathroom safety during one of our market events.

This is a judgement free zone and we want all vendors to feel safe, happy, & affirmed in and outside of our events

Water station;

A chilled self-service water station is available inside the taproom, next to the bar. Glasses are located directly next to the dispenser.

What if I need a break during the market?

If you need water, or a bathroom break and do not have a booth partner to watch your booth during the break, please message us on instagram during the market and we will have a market helper watch your space will you excuse yourself.

Is it okay if...?

We are always adding to this list to help provide upfront information to all vendors before market day, if you don't see an answer to your question please email us:

....I give out flyers for x,y,z event I have coming up?

Any handouts provided to guests during market day, whether in bags or on tables must be related to your products. Because so many of our vendors request not to receive market flyers for our events to cut down on their paper waste & consumption, we do not allow the distribution of flyers for other events at our market.

....Someone else runs my booth for me?

Yes! We have no issue with someone else running your booth for you. However, we cannot be made or held responsible for their knowledge of your products, ability to operate your booth, or their ability to set-up/tear down your booth. Please make sure that anyone running your booth for you knows the ins and outs of what it takes to operate your booth the day of.

.....I need more than one outlet for power?

Possibly; all 8'x6' booth have (1) outlet provided to them to use. We encourage all vendors to bring a power strip & extension cords just in case.

.....I need to leave early?

Outside of a medical emergency All vendors & interactive artists must remain for the entire event. Neighboring booths suffer when one vendor packs up and goes home. Vendors packing up & leaving the event early will not be allowed to return for future events.

.....I cant get there to load in on time?

All vendors & interactive artisans must be fully set up no later than 4:50pm. No exceptions. Vendors that cannot arrive on time for setup will not be allowed to return for future events.

.....I booked another market for a date I had confirmed to vend at macabre?

We understand things get hectic and schedules get mixed up; repeat offenders with schedule issues will not be invited back.